Focus on bringing value

How do you approach this in your company and how do you get employees involved in the change? “Give your employees confidence so that they can work autonomously. It ensures creativity and quality. And if you work agile, you also celebrate a party together every two weeks. That increases motivation and the MT can see that it works.” Focus on bringing value In addition to giving confidence, it is also important to take small steps. “We have never had a course in online banking.

Give your employees confidence

But we all understand how it works. Small, technical steps have been taken in this process and every step brought value. Focus on that.” You are the architect of your own life However, there is still often resistance. Arie: “And not just for the older employees. In that case I say: change Australia Business Fax List starts with one person. Take responsibility and do it yourself. Because you cannot change another.” Would you like to know more about Arie van Bennekum’s vision on the future of work?

The world of education

Watch the entire interview below: Watch the interviews with the other thought leaders here . Open Up Digitals is a series of video interviews with thought leaders from the world of digital transformation and the digital workplace. Keynote speaker and trend watcher Lieke Lamb speaks with an impressive line-up of top experts from Europe, the US and Australia. About how they experience the world today, what changes they see and what the future of our work and life will be like.

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