Fishing for brackets:

Knowing more? Read his blog ‘ A good content strategy: 7 indispensable parts & what it yields’ Fishing for brackets: from generic keywords to unique content A keyword analysis often produces semi-relevant words that many people search for. What do you do with that? In this webinar, SEO consultant Jadwiga Peters (Presenter) and content marketer Lotte Heldoorn (ASN Bank) explain.

from generic keywords 

How they translated these words for ASN Bank into relevant and well-ranking content. More information and practical tips can be found in Jadwiga’s blog ‘ Looking for search VP Safety Email Lists intentions: 4 tips to find them ‘ Tone of voice: touché or cringe-inducing? Find your voice, voice your tone and write recognizable Is your website full of interchangeable mwah texts? Shame. And unnecessary.

to unique content

All you need is the right tone of voice. Using high-profile examples and inspiring cases, senior copywriter Rick Stet talks about the importance of an appropriate tone of voice for your brand or organization. You’ll learn why it’s so deceptively easy to miss the point, and Rick shares his methods for capturing and implementing a tone of voice. Do you want to know how to apply a tone of voice in practice?

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