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Certainly not, because beautiful campaigns have been set up again. But, often the emotional Christmas clichés are all discussed: being together with your loved ones, having a delicious and extensive dinner with the whole family, surprising someone with a gift or a loving gesture. By giving this a different spin as a marketer, you can stand out with your original campaign.

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Think of paying attention to the people for whom Christmas can’t be such a nice period at all and encourage the consumer to take action. Or take the campaign with cuckoo clock bird Fritsie, where it’s all about storytelling. So there are ways Iceland Phone Number List not to fall back on the uninspired Christmas themes. What is your favorite December campaign? As a die-hard Christmas lover, you might love a commercial that is as sweet as possible.

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Or are you glad when the holidays are over, but there is still a campaign that has impressed you? I’m curious! If you feel like sharing this, comment which December campaign of yours should have been #1 on this list. I wish you happy and loving holidays and a beautiful and creative 2022! Stand out with an original story These campaigns again show that it’s not about what you create, but about what you make possible.

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