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Fitness is booming: The fitness community is one of the first groups of influencers to come forward during this period of isolation. Yoga Girl offers 30 days of free yoga classes, and Mrs. Swendog posts home workouts and exercise instructions daily in her story. Many gyms are releasing home-only bodyweight workouts, and CrossFit gyms around the world are hosting Zoom workouts. Sports brands such as Under Armour also joined in. Now is the perfect time to stick to your fitness goals!

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Athleisure is everything: While some people are certainly not shopping during these uncertain economic times, those working and exercising from home are turning to comfortable clothing. When we make Singapore Phone Number List TikTok dance videos here, we may find ourselves wanting to dress like Gen-Z. It’s all about sweatshirts, especially tie-dye. There’s no Singapore Phone Number List way to know if these brands will keep their warehouses open for long. So if you want to buy that Adidas tracksuit, I might do it sooner (I did it sooner).

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Skin care and hair care will flourish, but beauty won’t fail: Lots of people are taking the opportunity to let their skin “breathe”, but that doesn’t mean everyone should stop wearing makeup during this time. Because, while we’re not face-to-face, we still have a lot of “face-to-face” and people still want to dress up for conference calls. If you’re a skincare brand that’s been emailing influencers lately, you might benefit from this timing. They finally have time to review your product. However, that doesn’t mean cosmetics-focused brands should be overly apprehensive. Remember, YouTube brought beauty to this American teen’s bedroom. Now is the perfect time to do makeup tutorials. That said, we recommend that you lean toward your brand’s organic advocates—and it’s best not to be too boastful at this point.


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