Fight against PET bottles

The content you serve must look professional and attractive. A set in the form of a studio, multiple cameras, perfect sound and a good director are therefore no superfluous luxury. 2. A digital event requires less preparation Now that you as an. Organization do not have to set up a location. You can assume that a large part of the preparation time will be lost. In practice, it appears that at least as many tasks are returned for this, or even more.

Digital events become the new normal

All sessions and webinars must now be recorded in a professional manner. That may not mean a big decoration, but it does mean several small studios in which all videos are recorded according to a strict script. So that the professional character of your event remains intact and Taiwan WhatsApp Number List the content remains interesting enough to watch. In addition, speakers need to be better prepared, as many of them respond to the audience. It is not easy to present to ‘nobody’ .

A tight storyline and a good presentation

Also read: The checklist for a successful online event 3. Practically nothing changes in the form of the sessions Place a speaker in front of the camera, let him or her speak as if they are actually on stage and voila, a physical session can be turned into a digital session in no time. It sounds too good to be true… And it is. A tight storyline and a good presentation are more important than ever.

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