Fake Websites How to Identify Fraudulent Websites

The parts you log into these sites have all the key information like credit card information. This personal data converts Moola’s to cyber criminals and scammers. They set up fake websites to deceive unsuspecting people. This article will help you identify fake websites . So no more deduplication!

As day to day life becomes more and more dependent on the Internet, the ability to detect fraudulent or fake websites in a timely manner becomes Netherlands Phone Number List even more important. Be extra careful who you trust with your information as most online transactions are vulnerable to cheating like phishing scams, fraudulent websites and charities, spam and phishing emails, pop ups, etc.

Fake Websites How to Identify Them?

So how do you know if a website is legit and if it is safe, with part of your personal data? In this section, I’ll share common lists to look for to evaluate the authenticity of a website. You do not want to enter secret data such as bank details, credit card information, passwords etc. into a website that will never be stolen. I have seen many fake sites like this. It’s scary to see so many fraudulent sites like this as their sole purpose is to steal information. You can perform a Google search for the domain name. A real website will have references from other websites as well.

Do a Google search and if you don’t find any such references from other sites, be careful you’re being fooled! The site can be fake! To avoid the hassle of fake domains, always look at your website’s domain name. If you get an email from your bank or other online seller, don’t click on the link in the email. Instead, type the domain name into your browser to make sure you’re connected to the real website.

Missing Contact Information

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

Any website that does not include contact information, but includes forms to fill out with your personal details may be fake websites! Check the contact address on the website, a match in the WHOIS query. Companies that offer services and products must have an address, phone number, privacy policy and email ID to contact them. If the site sells products then check its return and shipping policy. If it’s missing, they just want your details! Below is an example of what I found from a fake website (mind), without any contact details, but hopefully with all your personal information to change your destiny.

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