External Marketplaces for Extra Sales

Consumer research Suppose you are going to sell vacuum cleaner bags. Then do a keyword research and see if there is enough volume on vacuum cleaner bags. See if people are looking for it every month. This determines whether it is a salable product. If you don’t research this well in advance, you could run into problems later. You may be ahead of your time and there is no market for your product yet. Or your product turns out to be seasonal and therefore peaks only once or at most a few times a year.

We often speak of conversion

2. Concurrentieonderzoek Which other players sell the same or similar products? See what is already there and what you can do with it yourself. If you’re selling the same product, see how you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Is there a different brand experience? Are your competitors asking a higher price and can Chile Phone Number List you therefore position yourself well in the market? Sales targets and growth plan When you’re done with all the questions about your product, branding and market research, it’s time to dive into finance.

Conversion Optimization

What budget are you going to work with? Have you considered that you may need to invest a lot in year one before breaking even and turning a profit later? Think of investments in: Website Logistics systems Stocks Marketing Staff You add up all these costs and include them when setting your sales goals and making a growth plan. It is very important that you start with this in your first year.

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