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The Next Web conference 2020 took place on October 1 and 2 and I kept track of the most important takeaways. In this article I share my learnings about the individual. How do you survive in the new world of working from home? And I share concrete tips. To prevent you from getting distracted. Nir Eyal: “Look for traction so you can’t be distracted” Nir Eyal, author of the bestsellers Hooked and Indistractable, has a theory about it. To keep a grip on your attention, he calls this ‘ becoming indistractable ‘, you must first understand what distraction is. And to understand what distraction is, you might ask what its opposite is.

In the here and now

That is not ‘focus’, as many people think. The opposite of distraction is “traction.” And the difference between distraction and traction is premeditated. You should do things with intention according to Nir. Also ‘distracting’ things like bingeing Netflix and watching Instagram Stories Turkey WhatsApp Number List indefinitely. I share four steps to handle distraction carefully. 1. Dare to face your internal triggers We blame external triggers for any distractions.

In the here and now

Think of notifications on your phone and computer. But the cause of distraction is not an external trigger, Nir argues, distraction comes from within yourself. It is the internal triggers that trigger akrasia. Internal triggers are nothing but escape routes. Master your internal triggers. 2. Make time for traction Then it is important to make time for traction. You can’t call something a distraction if you can’t name exactly what it distracts you from.

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