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Artificial intelligence is one of the engines at the heart of the digital transformation of businesses, PA, and society.  Deep learning is deep learning that optimizes. processes, thanks to machine learning (ML), with which machines can learn. In this context, deep learning plays an increasingly important role. Just think of “reinforced” deep learning algorithms in the context of sequential decision-making problems.
Deep learning 
Is machine learning and hierarchical learning. A segment of the branch of artificial intelligence (AI) mimics. Belong to Greece Phone Number List the largest class of data representation learning algorithms in machine learning. They learn levels of representation that constitute a Greece Phone Number List hierarchical scale of concepts equivalent to various levels of abstraction.
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The way humans acquire certain Greece Phone Number List types of knowledge. It is an ad hoc method of machine learning that incorporates successive layers to learn from data in an iterative way. A sub-category of machine learning, based on the assimilation of data representations, Greece Phone Number List and branches of artificial intelligence, deep learning learns multiple levels of representation that: Are equivalent to scales of factors or concepts. Define the research field of machine learning and artificial intelligence;



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