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A good update of the general terms and conditions and the contracts with. Suppliers, the drawing up of protocols (which you often also need for a permit) and scenarios is often sufficient. Redesigning the customer journey Many people who come to a physical variant of an event in the fall probably come to satisfy their need for physical events. See colleagues, friends and business contacts again and shake hands. But not everyone is going to shake hands anymore, various studies show.

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Not all ‘business’ will go back to ‘as usual’. So it is important to redraw the customer journeys for the different target groups of your event. Pay more attention to hygiene, space, clear signage and general crowd management . As I wrote before , this is Malta Phone Number List not something that happens by default when organizing an event. But just after the crazy time that we hope will soon be behind us, it is extremely important. Virtual events forced organizers to go back to the drawing board, not draw an offline program 1-1 online.

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In the new reality, it is also very important to outline, discuss and prepare the various steps in the customer journey. This starts with the first communication about an event: A clear FAQ (with ‘what if it doesn’t go through’) The ‘onboarding’ on the day itself (what are the legal frameworks from the government around corona?) Hygiene (that has become more important for many visitors, so you really need to pay more attention to it) But it’s also about things like clear signage.

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