Every organization uses images.

Augmented reality is an important trend in retail. Augmented reality (AR) shows computer-generated images over the real world. This technological development bridges the gap between shopping in a physical location and shopping online. It contributes to a positive shopping experience for the consumer and an improved purchasing decision. For retailers, this leads to better sales figures and a decrease in the number of returns.

Consider AR

This technological development has accelerated due to the corona virus. I discuss a number of possibilities, benefits and examples of augmented reality in e-commerce. 1. Designflooring visualizes a floor in your home At Designflooring you can use a floor design program to visualize what a new floor Saint Kitts and Nevis B2B List will look like in your own living room or kitchen. You load a photo into the program and then you can choose a floor that you like.

IKEA lets you try out furniture in your living room

You can choose from hundreds of options. If you have chosen one, you can transfer it to your own room. Do you want a new floor in your kitchen? Then you visualize what your kitchen would look like with light wooden planks, light stones or maybe even parquet. How does the colour, pattern and material relate to the rest of the room, such as the color of the walls, furniture and kitchen?

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