Every employee is 100% human. Not everyone is 100% employee.

Unfortunately, only a few organizations live the core values ​​among employees. They are just words on the company page. Shame. It is essentially the means to shape rituals. If something is in line with a core value, then it fits the organization. Have the conversation about it. What are our values? To what extent are they loaded with rituals? Where can we improve this? By coming up with rituals that arise from the core values, you strengthen the culture and create connection.

Start with the person instead

Spotify as an example The best example I’ve come across so far – which does justice to the three principles – comes from Spotify. At Spotify they have ‘Guilds’ in addition to teams and departments. A Guild is a group of employees who come together because of the same expertise CIO& CTO Email List or interest. This is not limited to certain teams or departments, but colleagues across the entire organization can participate in a Guild. For example, there are Guilds for coding, web developers, Agile working…

Of the employee

But also for themes not related to work, such as wine or board games. Once in a while the Guild coordinator organizes a meeting where all participants come together. In terms of work, to share knowledge and experiences, in the social field purely because of the fun and connection. Employees can intuitively connect with what they feel connected to. This creates a connection based on intrinsic motivation. It is indeed possible to achieve successful connection in remote working.

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