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And of course you don’t want your big event to inadvertently become another fire source. Safe event environment At the end of this year. There will come a time when enough people have been vaccinated and we no longer have to keep 1.5 meters away. But how do you ensure a safe event environment? A mandatory check of the corona passport or else a quick test?

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Can you order thermometers from AliExpress or do. What is force majeure and what is not? It is really great that our Dutch government has created a guarantee fund . It is a safety net for festivals, concerts, sporting Macedonia Phone Number List events and business events in the second half of 2021, if the event is canceled due to corona. One of the criteria is that the events have had cancellation insurance for the past two years and many events do not .

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All insurance companies have now removed the pandemic coverage from their event insurance policies . So the hope is that corona will be the last zoonotic disease to cause a pandemic on our planet. So are you going to organize another event with a physical component? Save yourself many sleepless nights and go through all possible scenarios with a lawyer and an insurance agent.

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