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Just like what the game Pokémon Go caused in young people. Who en masse “discovered” local cultural places and started running around. Something on which governments and education have spent millions of euros in. Vain for years, was achieved in no time with a simple app. Conscious as a basis Tired of the environment or not, tourism not only accounts for 10% of global GDP, but also nearly 10% of global CO2 emissions.

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The largest CO2 decrease since the Second World War was partly due to the fact that we suddenly virtually stopped flying and went on holiday abroad. Although research by TUI shows that 85% of European holidaymakers want to reduce their own CO2 impact, only 10% are willing to Nursing Homes Email List pay more for this. The road to the European Green Deal is therefore a long one. Fortunately, many technological developments cooperate well with this.


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Regenerative tourism Sustainability is therefore really more than just using the towels again in a hotel. Regenerative is increasingly becoming the norm: leaving a location better than how you found it. Not in the picture with elephants, tigers or monkeys, but see how you can leave a positive impact on the host region. Take a good look at working conditions, the use of products and energy-efficient appliances.

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