essential part of your local marketing strategy

Local campaigns and local marketing can play an important role in the (local) success of your organization. In any case, Google offers you handy online-to-offline. Tools to bind customers to your physical locations. Want to know more about local campaign? Check out Google’s Deep Dive or take a look at Think with Google . The year 2020 will go down in the history books as the year of corona.

Are you cybersecurity lazy?

Working Netherlands exchanged the desk in the office for. The kitchen table, because the pandemic meant. That most of us had to work from home. A true digital breakthrough for some, quite a challenge Namibia WhatsApp Number List for security experts. Suddenly we were able to innovate to ensure business continuity. Studies have now shown that the Dutch and Belgians see working from home (in an adapted form) as a keeper.

Insecure Internet Routers

But it also poses many security challenges. What are those risks? We asked security experts (from information security officer , to product manager, to CIO) and consulted investigations from, among others, IBM and the Dutch Data Protection Authority . The five biggest challenges at a glance: Sharing privacy-sensitive data remotely Adoption of laws and regulations New (unsafe) software suppliers Phishing by cyber criminals Public WiFi and (insecure) internet routers.

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