Especially during the corona pandemic

On these social media you have the option to put a ‘filter’ on your face, so that you might look like a dog. This is also AR! Nowadays, you can independently create such a filter at Snapchat and submit it (for a fee), so that other users can also use it. The possibilities are endless. Do you sell shoes? With the camera in Instagram, a potential buyer can now see through his or her camera whether that new pair will look good.

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Or Toto, who made you cheer in the shirt of your favorite football club despite corona. The DJ MAG also made grateful use of AR, because because Croatia WhatsApp Number List their annual award ceremony for the number one DJ in the world could not take place this year, they organized an online celebration . All through Snapchat. 3. Pandemic inhakers: from caution to creativity It is an old but golden concept:

Live is life

As a company, respond to current events in your marketing and there is a good chance that it will reach a large audience. However, 2020 was a special year. Partly due to the global pandemic. As a marketer you want to be on top of the news, but how do you deal with an international emergency like this? Many companies held off in the beginning. But, as time went on, the first inhakers began to arrive.

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