Email marketing as an engine for your turnover

Most SaaS providers offer the services in the form of a subscription. Examples of providers are Lightspeed and CVV Shop. It is of course very easy that you do not have to do much yourself. Then your store can be online in no time . But be careful! If you end the subscription, you will also lose your webshop. The online part of your store is not yours, the website is not yours and the source code is not yours.

All these various improvements will

Think carefully about this. Open source The other option is to opt for open source software. Examples of this are Open Cart or Magento. Open source means that you do have access to the source code and that you can download it from the internet Croatia Phone Number List yourself and embed it into your website. This saves you subscription costs, but you have more work to do. Or your personnel costs are higher if you hire someone for this.


Especially in the beginning it takes a lot of time and money to set up the whole system. To make a choice for the system that best suits your online store, you first make a clear overview of what you need exactly. You can then compare the different options. Ask yourself the following questions: What products are you going to sell? Where are you going to sell them? Are standard functionalities sufficient?

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