Earn recurring income with the StudioPress Affiliate Program

At Blogger Tips Tricks, I’ve covered “Techniques for Blog Monetization.” There are dozens of ways from which you can earn from your blog. You can offer services, do affiliate marketing, promote your own products, or rent ad space on your blog Jordan Phone Number List to make money. Affiliate marketing is among them the most popular and recurring source of earning from your blog. However, in order to start using affiliate marketing, you must choose the right products to promote. Products must go through these 3 principles.

What is the StudioPress Affiliate Program? StudioPress is the largest WordPress theme provider in the world. They are part of Copy Blogger Media, which in turn is the world leader in blogging. The StudioPress Affiliate Program lets you promote your own world-class themes to your readers and clients. In return, you get paid for every successful sale. Earn recurring income with the StudioPress Affiliate Program.

Why Promote the StudioPress Affiliate Program?

The StudioPress Affiliate Program is about promoting top-notch products. As mentioned before, any product you promote must stand firm in three tests. It has to be relevant to your blogging niche. A blogger in a niche blog should not promote a smartphone in his blog . It has to have something that your buyer can’t deny. Favorite blog topics , etc. It should provide you with something that is worth your time and labor. Like StudioPress. Here are some more details on why you should promote.

The StudioPress Affiliate Program is a trusted network and you don’t have to sell your soul to promote it. Here’s why you should promote it: Odds : The StudioPress affiliate program offers a lucrative bonus to keep you motivated. They buy 35% of the theme price on commission. StudioPress themes range in price from $24.95 to $349.95, and they are all available with a 60-day cookie policy.

How do I join the StudioPress Affiliate Program?

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The main aspect of outreach is deciding how much you can make with your affiliate program. Here you can use StudioPress to promote themes with certain tricks. Write a review of the Genesis Framework on your blog and show all the pros and cons of it. Make it very detailed so that it can appeal to potential buyers. You can place affiliate banners with high CTR places on your blog like blog sidebar, title area, post title below, post below content etc.

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