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Growth hacking is therefore mainly based on customer data. Based on data, you can see where things go wrong in the customer journey. Which processes take too long? Where does the customer drop out? And where exactly is it going really well? This provides input for optimization and thus growth hacking. How do you get more relevant customer data? Suppose you want to start with growth hacking or you.

To start with growth hacking you need a goal

guish yourself more in the market, how do you make a sound choice for the experiments you are going to perform? In other words: how do you get enough data to be able to optimize at all? You Paraguay WhatsApp Number List will of course have to collect data before you can analyze it and optimize the customer experience. It is important that you ask yourself: Which data is relevant to you? Do you have the data to distinguish yourself?

During the event, a case was

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How do you get that data? How will you test? When determining which data you need, it is important that you put the customer first. Make sure you know who your customer is, what their position is and what is important to them. In addition, you will need to know what you think is important that your customer knows about you and which resources and campaigns you want to use yourself.

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