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More and more organizations, large and small, want to offer their products online (accelerated). How do you take the first steps in e-commerce as a company or entrepreneur? And how do you make your webshop a success? In this free online knowledge session you will receive tips, handles and a step-by-step plan to start a webshop. Result You can set up your own e-commerce plan! You know how to set up the order process You know how online payments work.

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You know how to make your webshop profitable Contents The following topics are covered during the online course Starting with a webshop: How do you organize e-commerce within Accounting Directors Email Lists your own organization? How do you organize fulfillment (order process, payments and carriers). Generate traffic to your webshop A profitable webshop For. Whom This knowledge session is for anyone who is considering taking. The step towards e-commerce (whether or not forced by the coronavirus).

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Think of: online marketers, entrepreneurs, starting e-commerce managers, webshop administrators. He specializes in strategy, e-commerce, branding and customer insights, and likes to use his own experience to bring theory to life and make it applicable in practice. Data View recording You will receive the recording immediately by e-mail Register Practical The online course consists of 1 session of 1 hour. Buy email list from latest mailing list.

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