Dopper now works with 50 people

This is how Dopper puts the purpose into practice. By building an image of plastic litter, attention was drawn to the fight against PET bottles during the Rio Olympics. Corporate responsibility remains the common thread. To Everaarts’ annoyance, there are still too many companies that mainly say that they do all kinds of things in this area, but that in practice this just seems to be for the stage :

At Dopper, everyone is convinced

I am in discussion with McDonald’s because they now claim that they sell cups and making straws out of paper instead of plastic. However, that is only a half-truth. That paper has a hefty plastic liner . That just Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List makes it bad stuff. When you talk about ‘doing good’, I say ‘do it good’. Otherwise no one will benefit from it.” Olympic purpose The Olympic flame has not been extinguished at Dopper after Rio. In 2024 in Paris, disposable bottles will no longer be used in the Olympic Village.

However, it is not easy

A new milestone. And a trip to France is easier to realize to take the action big. In the meantime, the actions follow one another. For example, a ‘Wave’ was recently launched, whereby companies and private individuals can sign a document in which they promise to get rid of the PET bottles. More than 200 companies and 1000 individuals are already participating.

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