Don’t get nostalgic, be open to the unknown

Leadership: it’s still about motivating, inspiring and facilitating There were quite a few assumptions about remote working pre-corona. People would be less productive, you wouldn’t be able to work together as a team, leadership has to be face-to-face. All these assumptions turn out to be false after six months of working from home. It has turned out that remote management – ​​just like working from home and staying healthy – is a challenge.

You can’t be weird enough

What does remote work require in terms of leadership? No different than before, it is still about motivating, inspiring and facilitating a group of people who want to achieve Jamaica WhatsApp Number List a goal together. The context has just changed. You provide leadership remotely, online, and there are many uncertainties. At the micro level the health and well-being of your people and at the macro level the global economy.

Learning by doing

Leadership has never been so challenging! “Be inspired, only then can you be inspiring” Healthy teams are the building blocks of transformation and growth. Teams in which inspiration flourishes lead to organizations that can adapt and continue to perform. Also in the changing world. But how do you create an inspired team? Clear goals, a shared vision, a place where you can make mistakes and colleagues you can count on. In good teams, people feel connected to each other and the organization, they get confirmation that their ideas and work matter.

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