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Though the consequences remain to be see, one thing is for sure: content marketing is taking the spotlight. 2. Transparency Will Reign King (or Queen) Consumers are becoming increasingly desensitized. We want — and often expect — companies to be transparent, authentic, and dedicated to giving back. After all is said and done, however, many consumers are reporting frustration with brand advertising, environmental claims, charitable contributions, and corporate support for various causes.

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Not to be outline, online shopping giant Amazon will perhaps be the largest investor of all. Valuable, original programming can help companies grow an  audience Tunisia Phone Number List and keep current customers satisfied. Google is also purchasing original content from media companies and brands to fill in content gaps, while Facebook is investing huge amounts of capital on original video.

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Though such efforts have been successful for some brands. This type of promotion is increasingly being perceive as desperate or dishonest. Moving forward, brands need to focus on transparency and disclosure to close this gap as much as possible. Enter: Influencer Marketing. Yet, working with influencers can be sticky.

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