Do you want to know how much

Due to the tightened corona measures, this campaign was stopped early last year. But this year the commercial, which was awarded a Gouden Loeki, will be shown again. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing, because there is still a taboo on loneliness. Because did you know that more than half of the elderly (75+) feel lonely? While that annoying feeling of loneliness around the holidays can be more palpable. Especially among the elderly.

With a matching promotion

The commercial shows in a split screen how you can mean something to someone who feels lonely. A small gesture can make all the difference, see how: Developed by ad agency Open Now, the ‘One Against Loneliness’ Christmas commercial shows in a vulnerable way what happens if you do Maldives B2B List something small for someone, but also if you don’t. In this way, the commercial not only shows the desired behaviour, but also the difference with normal behaviour.

Another December campaign

Young and old eat together against loneliness Another December campaign with a similar goal is the Deliveroo campaign. The delivery service supports Oma’s Soep in its mission to combat loneliness among the elderly. In the campaign you can see the connection that arises between young and old during a joint meal. With a matching promotion, Deliveroo encourages its target group to also do something against loneliness and to visit an elderly person (more often).

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