Do you need customization?

Why would you want to sell on an external marketplace? The answer is very simple: more sales! Up to 50% of the turnover of a small online store in particular is realized via an external marketplace. Moreover, there is a lot to automate, so that you can easily sell on multiple marketplaces at the same time. Furthermore, with intelligent plug-ins you can ensure that an order via is immediately synchronized with your own system, so that your stock information is always up-to-date. 10. Sell your webshop?

Are standard functionalities sufficient?

You can set up your online store with the aim of keeping it busy for years, but you can also opt for a shorter period. If you already know in advance that you want to sell your webshop again after a few years, of course with as much profit Estonia Phone Number List as possible, then you make other choices. For example, you want to keep costs as low as possible and you think carefully about whether a large investment will have the desired result within the specified period. Before you can sell the web store, you need to determine its value.

Where are you going to sell them?

Part of the value is in the stock, but ideally you want to keep it as small as possible. Its main value lies in the following three elements: profitability Database Brand If you are working towards an acquisition, you ensure that the above three elements are top notch in the financial year in any case. Do you want to keep the webshop yourself? Even then it is good to always work on the value of your online store. Good luck setting up your own webshop! More tips for boosting your online store?

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