Divide the work

Determine your goal A newsroom is not a thing in itself, but serves a purpose. In this case ‘ensure connection’. Communicate that clearly to everyone and ask for cooperation. The power of the chat at the coffee machine is the ease with which ideas are exchanged. You now want to make that possible digitally. The updates you do at set times should feel like a surprise.

Determine your goal

Let the people responsible for production actively look for things that surprise. Sending out an email asking for content is not news gathering and will kill the project in advance. 3. Divide the work We can get started. Time to make good Italy WhatsApp Number List agreements. There would be no daily talk show on television or no newspaper if there were no fixed arrangements about the appearance.

Examine your internal

If you have a broadcast every day, that also includes a daily production. It is not a task that you ‘just do on the side’. Binding and captivating your employees is a main goal. After all, without people you have no organization. So divide the roles carefully if you want to achieve results. The beauty of a newsroom is its multidisciplinary character. It is not a party for the HR or communication department.

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