Difference Between Gorilla Glass

It’s important to protect the touchscreen as if these screen damages the phone doesn’t work properly. You’ve probably heard terms like “tempered glass,” “Gorilla glass,” and “Dragontrail” screen protectors. For those of us who are unfamiliar with cell phone protection, the terminology may sound foreign. So today we decided to release some basic information about screen protectors.

We will talk about the difference between tempered glass and Gorilla glass. We’ll also see what these screen guards do for your phone, whether or Indonesia Phone Number List not they’re worth the price. There are screen protectors to protect your phone’s screen from water, dust, fingerprints, oil, shock, scratches and deadly fall.

Tempered Glass Protection

This type of glass breaks differently than regular glass. The tempered glass protector is a multi-layered screen protection. It has the bottom layer of absorbing silicon, PET film and optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleophobic coating shown in sequence as shown below. All these layers make tempered glass up to five times stronger than regular glass.

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Gorilla Glass Protector

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Indonesia Phone Number List

Gorilla Glass is a specialty tempered glass developed and manufactured by Corning. It is thin, lightweight and damage resistant. Gorilla glass is used as protective glass for portable electronic devices, including mobile phones. As the end user, you need to decide and choose the best one.

And the other warranted tempered glass protection and parameter is that it’s Gorilla Glass on the screen for even better protection – so it’s superior. This is debatable, right? A screen protector is not a must-buy item anymore. Also, the life and condition of your phone depends on what you do with it. Nothing is foolproof.

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