Determine your goal

That’s okay. Adjusting is part of the process. Look out for interesting content. For example, by sharing experiences and solutions for working from home or by identifying problems that occur in your organization. Think of diversity, aging and perhaps considerations about whether or not to participate in government schemes in this time. You can visit people at home and show them their workplace, have people with the same hobbies tell you how they do it now at home or report on joint online activities such as a pub quiz.

Diversity will make the difference

Take your people seriously and surprise. Good luck! Whether a vaccine against corona is quickly found or not, partly working from home will become the norm. It now looks like most organizations will opt for a hybrid model in the future, where Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List employees work partly at home and partly in the office. What does this mean for leadership? As a manager, how do you lead a team from a distance? How do you keep your team engaged and inspired? And what does this mean for the future of ‘the office’ as we know it today?

If we take the old ideas

These questions were discussed during The Next Web Conference 2020 and answered as far as possible. In my previous article I shared my learnings about the people who are working from home, being part of these remote teams and trying to survive in a new and constantly changing world. In this article I will discuss the managers of teams. About that they don’t have to pretend to be big, that they can (if not have to) be themselves.

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