Decrease in tourism sometimes also good

The highly influential ‘Future of Tourism’ organization has drawn up 13 guiding. Principles for this , including focusing on the quality of visitors, not quantity. In Flanders they are superbly at the forefront of this, by facilitating an ‘ economy of meaning ‘. With locals around themes such as history and gastronomy.

However, in a matter of months

Where I sometimes hear disapproving laughter in projects, various studies indicate that slightly less than half of the tourists consider the sustainable character of a location important in the choice of Optometrist Accurate Email List booking. Tourism The end of business class When working on tourism. The ‘Meetings Events and Incentive Travel Market’ (MICE) is often forgotten to name and edit.


When the Association for Foreigners

Yet these are generally very lucrative for many cities and the Netherlands. As a country, we are in the top 10 lists worldwide with 4 million business visitors, who bring in 2 to 3 times as much money for a place as a regular tourist. According to McKinsey, this market will also recover very slowly over the next ten years.

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