Customers, suppliers or employees

The director or manager may have difficulty putting them on, but the rest of the employees will probably drop out after the third core value. My advice is therefore to always use a maximum of 3 core values. That’s easy to remember, especially if you come up with a mnemonic. Our three core values ​​all start with the letter H: hunger, clarity and humor. Core values ​​example. 2. Itch core values ​​and open doors As far as I’m concerned, professional , flexible and quality are on the blacklist of core values.

do not match the core values

Argument 1: they are perhaps the most common values ​​in the Netherlands, so you are not distinctive at all. Argument 2: they are container Georgia Phone Number List concepts, terms without a defined definition, which makes them very vague. The same goes for open doors. Is your company called the creative agency De Geschilde Aardappel? Then don’t come up with the core value creative , because that is quite obvious.

Then start the conversation individually.

Choose values ​​that fit your organization, but it should be a little originality, otherwise every bank would opt for the core value of reliability . Also read: The customer at the center of your culture: tips for the right focus 3. Don’t implement Core values ​​are much more than a few words that appear somewhere in a Word document. Still, many companies have trouble actually implementing the core values.

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