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Super cute. And a great example of the power of storytelling. Albert Heijn developed the Christmas commercial in collaboration with TBWA, Dentsu and Boomerang. In the background is the well-known (and somewhat cliché) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas . Dennis van Aarssen, winner of The Voice of Holland (2019) has covered this classic by Judy Garland for the campaign.

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In order to continue to focus on ‘the most loving Christmas ever’, Albert Heijn and All You Need Is Love brought people together from 13 December in a daily broadcast Malaysia B2B List on RTL 4 (around 6.45 pm). In addition, customers could use a promotion to let them know who they wished extra loving holidays this year.

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Finally, Albert Heijn will present an online event during Christmas for everyone who would like to celebrate Christmas together, but who do not yet know with whom. Together with Resto VanHarte, visitors meet in the online community centre, where they cook together and play Christmas music. 2. Open Now: see what happens when you do something for a lonely elderly person This Christmas campaign may sound familiar to you. Last year, this Christmas commercial was also shown as part of the One against loneliness campaign.

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