Crisis Communication Accordingly

Content can be written from the municipality itself. From an employee Algeria Phone Number List of the municipality, or from the perspective of a resident. The content is explicitly related to this person ( Liebrecht, 2015 ). This can be done, for example. By using quotes, or a subordinate clause Algeria Phone Number List such as “according to Maaike and “Maaike tells. The results show that, in a general sense, the residents ‘ perspective yields the most engagement among Dutch people who read a social media message from the municipality. But here too we see differences between types of inhabitants.

Figure 3 Shows The Final

Don’t be too informal in terms of language with these Algeria Phone Number List groups either. If appropriate, add a resident perspective to a post. In many cases, this leads to more engagement, especially among residents.  For residents with more ‘distance’ to what is happening in the municipality. Writing from (only) a municipality perspective is also sufficient. And that saves space (and time)! Sales and conversion have always been the Achilles heel of social media. Until 2020. Now that physical customer visits hardly take place, socials are back in the picture as a promising sales channel.

Result of This Issue

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Emoticons and the use of colloquial language ( Van Os et al., 2018 ). For this content ingredient, the research shows that the engagement of the Dutch is highest when the municipality uses formal language . But here too it pays to look at the differences between types of inhabitants. What does it Algeria Phone Number List turn out to be? Especially Caring Seniors (grey) and Urban Nomads (green) show a (relatively) high commitment to formal language use in a social media post. On the other hand, informal language in a message works better with Self-aware Approachers (pink) and Stubborn Digitals (purple). Compared to the other types of inhabitants, they score high on this (and therefore low on formal language – see bubble chart).

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