Credible and visible all the time

Yet we often think that a brand strategy should be based on a unique proposition ( differentiate or die ) in order to have commercial success. Typically, however, the differences between competitors are often too small for consumers to notice. Also read: Be negative! Do your customers & followers like The firefly syndrome I call this the firefly syndrome. A firefly, ‘how is it possible’, gives light in the dark.

Be extremely relevant

That is often how we as entrepreneurs and marketers look at our own products and organizations. We know and feel how much work is involved and we know the value of our products and services. In our experience, it contrasts nicely with the Algeria WhatsApp Number List environment. But in the end, the firefly just flies into a swarm of other fireflies, called “the category.” All of them blink in the dark for attention.

Credible and visible all the time
Credible and visible all the time

The predominant function

And accumulate on a positioning matrix like fly droppings, somewhere around the middle. Brand distinctiveness , on the other hand, as Byron Sharp calls it, is provided by strong and consistent branding . Not because people start to appreciate the brand more, but mainly because the brand is recognizable and memorable. Or As Byron Sharp states in ‘How Brands Grow’ (affiliate):

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