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For example, look at the average open rate or CTR in your industry and compare it to your open rate. Is it lower than the benchmark? Then set a goal for yourself to get started and improve it in the first six months. Test it outand optimize based on results achieved. Note: do not test five different things in one email (perhaps an open door, but still), but take one aspect per email (campaign).


There is much more possible than variation in your subject line. Text length, adding visual content, buttons and CTAs are also things to A/B testing. 4. Recognizing and acknowledging Palestine B2B List the difference between marketing and branding Marketing and branding are two different things, although they are sometimes used interchangeably. Branding is how your target audience sees your business.

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It’s about brand recognition and consistency of your message in, among other things, your logo, website and other channels that you use. Your product or service is subordinate to everything that ensures brand recognition. Too much focus on sales On the other hand, digital marketing uses tactics designed to amplify your branding efforts.

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