Create Rituals to Create Connection

However, remote connection (affiliate) can certainly be facilitated. But many organizations go beyond a number of important foundations in this. 1. Start with the person instead of the employee When working remotely, physical isolation does not have to mean social isolation. There are many known best practices on how to overcome this. However, the initiatives that prove to be successful in the longer term are often based on a very important principle.

Leaders who have even a little

And many organizations seem to lose sight of that principle when trying to create connections: Every employee is 100% human. Not everyone is 100% employee. An example. Just after the lockdown, every self-respecting organization organized an online Friday afternoon drink. In the CEO Email Lists beginning, this is a playful initiative. But if this continues weekly, the intrinsic motivation to participate decreases. Why? Your direct work colleagues are not necessarily the colleagues with whom you also want to have a drink.

The main incentive in this?

In many attempts to increase social interaction. Employees are approached from their role as employees instead of from their role as people. You miss the point with that. A person has different needs than an employee and knows that it is not the employee who urgently seeks connection. It’s the human. In point 3, I highlight an effective best practice initiated from this assumption. The question you should always ask yourself when initiative is taken to create connection is:

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