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In the podcast Reinjan explores the future of our monetary system and the role of cryptocurrencies. His goal? “Make sure listeners understand a lot more about our money system after ten episodes.” (Source: The Stentor ) 15. The University of the Netherlands Podcast Not every episode of the University of the Netherlands Podcast is equally relevant if you want to learn more about marketing and communication.

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But I don’t want to keep this Dutch Podcast Award-winning show about tech and science from you. Twice a week, scientists answer a provocative (but serious) question in fifteen minutes. In an understandable way and sometimes Brazil Phone Number List with a bit of humor. Think of questions like ‘Do you want botox sooner because you’re on Instagram?’, ‘How do social media influence our political choices?’ and ‘Can the internet be saved?’

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There is also a Flemish variant: The University of Flanders Podcast . 16. More and more fun More and more fun is a brand new podcast from soChicken, a platform that once (in 2004) started as a podcast. Full of easy-to-apply tips to make your life more fun. Who says no to that? In the first episode, founder Jelle Hermus talks with his good friend Sarra Wijnmaalen about how to deal positively with periods in which all kinds of things (beyond your control) change.

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