Create Engagement & Interaction

So you use the information you collect during the webinar as the basis for the qualification. At the end of the webinar you will have a shortlist with hot leads that you can have sales approached, instead of a flat list of participants. To set up such a successful lead generation webinar, you can go through 7 steps. Step 1. Determine the objective, target group and tooling Together with sales.

Lead Qualification

You first determine the objective of the webinar. Is it informative, aimed at upsell/cross selling, generating new customer contacts or do you actually sell something during the webinar? And who Psychiatrist Email Addresses is your target audience? In B2B you are dealing with a decision making unit and every person in it is interested in different topics. An important part of step 1 is also choosing the right tooling.


You learn such things by practicing a lot.

Not only the webinar software, but also your cameras and microphone must be of good quality. Also don’t forget that you need to have a stable internet connection. When it comes to tooling, my advice is: go for renowned brands that have proven themselves in practice. You only get one chance to do it right and it is better to use a little extra budget for that than to go for cheap or free tools. Also read.

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