Create a promotion plan

Lead ads Remarketing aimed at visitors to your website. Display ads Google Ads in Market Audiences is a nice option. Also make sure that the landing page is 100% optimized. Just because someone lands on that page, doesn’t mean they register. You have to convince them! A good framework to use for conversion strategy (for example on your landing pages and in emails) are the 6 principles of persuasion . If you take this into account in all your communication, your conversion is guaranteed to be higher.

Determine the subject

An explanation of these principles can be found in the video below: Step 4. Prepare the webinar One of the most important steps! You only get one moment to get it right, so do a dress rehearsal for your Travel Agent Email Address List colleagues. With this you test the story on the one hand, and on the other you learn to really master the tools. How do the polls work, how do you switch between screens, who does the chat, etc?

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Content and time

Did you know, for example, that there is a delay of about 20-40 seconds between your presentation and when people actually hear it when you use GotoWebinar (if they log in via the browser, which 90% does). Kind of important if you do a poll and wait for the answers. So give that some more time. You learn such things by practicing a lot. Step 5.

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