Coolblue will place your new television in the living room

With the optimal viewing distance function, you know what size you need and how it will look in the living room. You can switch between all kinds of brands and sizes of televisions in an instant. If you have found the right television, you can place it directly in the shopping cart and pay. Not only does this feature help consumers make a purchase decision, but it should also reduce returns from customers who have misjudged. augmented reality coolblue 4.

Specsavers has a fitting room to try on glasses

Wanna Kicks lets you try on shoes from the couch Wanna Kicks is an app that allows you to try on new sneakers using augmented reality. You can choose from dozens of brands in all kinds of models, colors and sizes. When you have found suitable shoes, you can visualize them and try Saint Lucia B2B List them on your own feet. You point the phone at your foot and it immediately scans the environment, so that you can immediately start trying on shoes. While trying on, you can still choose different colors or other comparable models (if available).

Designflooring visualizes a floor in your home

This way you immediately have an idea of ​​what the shoes look like when you wear them. If you want to buy the shoes, you can place an order directly from the application. Would you like to think about it or share it with others? Of course you can. By trying on shoes in these ways, you are less likely to be confronted with surprises and that saves the hassle of returning. And that is better for the environment.

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