Conversations Happen On Twitter

Sabotage your Q2 content plan: Anything you plan for Q2 content may not work. Revisit your current content strategy and revamp it for the times. Maybe in a few weeks, people will be hungry for something other than the coronavirus. But you’ll need to comb through everything multiple times and have a second or third-person double-check to make sure you’re not insensitive. We are currently doing this ourselves. While not generally considered the platform of choice for many brand influencers to activate, Twitter is certainly where the COVID-19 conversations take place online.

If Your Customers Aren’t a Community

It could be your new place to reach your audience (if you can provide value, of course). If you plan on activating influencers, be sure to check the content to make sure your partners are aligned with relevant content South Korea Phone Number and aren’t posting deaf jokes. Minter Dial wrote a great article on the dos and don’ts of communicating during these unprecedented timesJust because someone bought a pair of shoes from you twice doesn’t South Korea Phone Number mean they’re part of your community. Your inner circle is your employees and the influencers you hire. How you treat them during this time reflects your brand.

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Find a Way to Add Value,

 It’s a time to give, give, give. Forget to get anything back. Most brands can find unique ways to deliver value in these times. Wedding dress company Province is offering free wedding gowns to engaged women working in hospitals. Ebook company Scribd is offering free books during quarantine. Tesla and General Electric have offered to start producing ventilators. The LVMH perfume factory is producing hand sanitizer. SweetGreen is delivering free food to hospital staff.


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