Conversational commerce can play

Another well-known model is the advisory model, which includes consultancy companies, for example. In addition, you have so-called assetlight models, where the pre-investments for 1 version are very large, but then cost almost nothing more. Salesforce and Microsoft are good examples of this. Finally, you have the model of network orchestration, with platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Uber.

customer has the patience to view everything

If you look at where value has been created within, for example, the Fortune 500 over the past 20 years, it consists of approximately 20% assetlight models and approximately 80% (!) network orchestration models. In many cases, the stock Finland B2B List prices of these types of companies just keep growing and growing. And that is of course not for nothing. On the internet, the big money is made with the distribution of clicks, leads and sales.

Globalization and China’s Growth

Parties that have anchored this in the core of their business model almost always run off with the big money. The economies of scale and network effects of platforms are so great that they will continue to expand their positions in the coming years. This provides advertisers with many opportunities, but also brings with it the necessary dilemmas and challenges. Transformation to platform model Many major retailers have started transforming their own model to platform models quite early on.

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