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Now just about all countries have closed their borders and it is simply not responsible to travel. And so there was a big streak through the entire travel agenda this year. Although I am content with staying at home for a year, I was itching to go away in the summer. Due to the travel time for work, I worked an average of 10-15 hours extra per week. Like 60% of Dutch employees , I also suffered from an imbalance in work-life balance. Tourism in your own coun try More people had that itch.

Personal travel budgets will shrink

In the end, despite corona, half of the Dutch went on holiday, almost all of them in their own country. This also confirms research by AirBnB in Europe, where almost all bookings were from locals . I myself Nurse Email List was surprised about the beautiful places in the area and the beautiful nature for walking. Who knew that you can also get a holiday feeling within the limits? Personal travel budgets will shrink. On the one hand, the expected mass layoffs. But rising prices of many products and services, ranging from groceries to healthcare and energy costs, are also contributing.


Tourism in your own country

Yet, after all travel restrictions are lifted, many people’s appetite for travel will not decrease significantly. Also Read: The Impact of Blockchain on Global Tourism: 10 Ways Due to the many discoveries in our own country last summer, greats such as Tripadvisor are expected to celebrate holidays shorter in duration, closer to home and in their own country. In places that can be reached by train or car. Develop rediscovered activities on the water, by bike or in the hilly landscape.

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