Competition in the market for shared

This was really just a pen with normal functionalities, but in pink. Women have of course been part of the target. Group for a long time, so no pink pen was needed for this. In fact, women felt more attacked by this action. Then you have to test which alternatives there are for your target group Answering this question starts with understanding the problem your target audience wants to solve. With these insights, you can then answer the question of what alternatives your target group would have if your solution were not available.

A good example is the market

Interestingly, this question goes beyond mapping direct competition. The Business Intelligence market is a good example of this. In the Gartner matrix, Microsoft Power BI emerges as the leader in vision and execution. The closest competitors are Brazil WhatsApp Number List Tableau and Qlik. But the biggest alternative for most companies is not the direct competition, but the alternative to create reports and dashboards in a completely different tool from the same company: Microsoft Excel.

The best market strategy

Microsoft is a big name that is chosen as a package by many companies. In addition to competing with Tableau and Qlik, it is therefore necessary to show companies the added value of a BI tool compared to Microsoft Excel. Also read: Position your brand distinctively? That’s how you fall in love! The alternatives form the basis for formulating the ‘better than’ An illustrative example is the following job-to-be-done: taking cool photos.

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