Companies using targeted ads

Faster service, tailored discounts or relevant recommendations wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t release data. A first party data strategy engages in a dialogue with customers to collect the data that provides a better user experience. An important condition is the trust of customers. They need to know that their data is handled responsibly, and that they get a better user experience in return .

Companies with a valuable offer

An excellent example is Colruyt’s Xtra card. It has evolved from a loyalty program into a handy app with functions that support users in the Colruyt Group offer. Think of a barcode scanner with information about the origin of Paraguay Phone Number List products, shopping lists, vouchers, a history of your purchases and payment functions. The control over the data remains with the end user.

For which companies Phone Number List

The various functionalities offer clear added value in exchange for the data that you as a user share with Xtra. For which companies is a first party strategy relevant? 1. Companies with a valuable offer If you want to collect data from customers, you have to be able to offer something in return.

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