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“Benetton-ing” has become a negative term people use to denote inauthentic pandering to a niche audience. People warn against being a Benetton lure. That is, a brand exploiting messaging around issues like poverty or racial equality. Without actually intending to Dominican Republic Phone Number do anything about those issues. At the time, mass marketing for clothing brands paid little attention. The racial makeup of the models hired to sell clothing. Another way to look at it is that brands are very concerned about making sure that most, if not all, of the models they hire are white.

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This argument is interesting for several reasons. At least in the late 80s and early 90s, when Benetton broke into the advertising world, their ads were controversial to say the least. There are certainly some of the considerable shock value, featuring mostly graphic images of people and babies living with HIV/AIDS. Still, others the Dominican Republic Phone Numbers indicate closeness between different races and ethnicities. If you search for “Benetton” ads on Google, you’ll see the entire color gamut. However, for all the complaints and backlash, Benetton’s unique commitment to representing and challenging the status quo deserves a mention.

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Criticisms of Benetton and how it has changed in the historical analysis of marketing boils down. To the fact that Benetton as a company had some questionable ethical policies. Factory contacts. Workers, Dominican Republic Phone Number mainly to cover it all up. Benetton is a cautionary tale for a number of reasons, but over. The years there has been little public tolerance for companies that don’t “walk.” Catering to underrepresented audiences and communities is a dangerous game. While a smart strategy for marketing is targeting specific groups, doing so in a way that is clearly inauthentic is problematic and can lead to the backlash that is typical of cancel culture.

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