Choose a Blog Name for a Test by Phone

Don’t take away with fancy blog names . Make sure your blog’s name is easily audible and understandable. By phone test I mean, when you say your blog’s name over the phone , others should be able to type in and get to the correct blog easily. It’s a day-to-day life and you have to name your blog so important at conventions, conferences and podcasts. What’s more, when your blog starts to attract people the words should reach the Bulgaria Phone Number List right site and they hear it. These blog names are fancier than the average blog name. They don’t describe anything about the topic of the blog. Most branded blog names come directly from the corresponding author’s name like Neil Patel. However, it is possible that the brand name of the juice came out and still oozes. For example , Shout Me Loud blog for content marketing and entrepreneurship. There is a fine line between generic blog names and brand names. Choose a Blog Name for a Test by Phone

2 Tips to Pass the Phone Test

Select only your domain version: Domain names are vital for your business. Unless you want a short term and country specific blog, choose a domain name with a extension. Of course most readers take the blog version. Another reason to use domains is that search engines always like them. If people type your URL in (and you don’t have a domain name), then they’ll either be funneled onto someone else’s site or land on a broken page. This is bound to cost you, valuable readers. For example , even the legendary blogger Darren Lewis decided to buy the version of his website for around $5,000 (source).

Lock All Relevant Tlds to Your Blog Name

Bulgaria Phone Number List
Bulgaria Phone Number List

If you’re a little worried about branding, copyright infringement, or even losing readers, I suggest you buy and lock all TLDs with your blog name. Even if you decide to have a net domain on your blog, try to buy and lock down. For example , Grammarly (online grammar checker) has locked redirects to the original home page domain, Someone already bought it, there would be no serious loss of sales for them. He did this because many of his valuable readers were simply landed on an unfamiliar blog because it had a top-level domain. Having a trendy extension like might confuse readers, they can type the girls party and miss your site. Choose a Blog Name for a Test by Phone

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