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Regulation CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act (In the US there is currently no uniform legislation in all states. The CCPA can be compared relatively well with the GDPR and AVG) A man who is busy with the law Step 3: check your current settings “The first step to change begins with recognizing what is,” is a wise saying. In other words, before you can change anything.

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You need to know how your cookie settings are currently configured behind the scenes. If you’re tech savvy you can probably figure that out for Japan WhatsApp Number List yourself. But for most people it would be useful to use a tool that checks your current settings and provides a clear list. There are several (free) tools available for this. For example or (thanks to commenters on the previous article for these tips).

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On these websites you can check to what extent your website complies with GDPR legislation. also checks your website against the even stricter CCPA legislation. Both websites provide a clear list or report indicating how many and which issues have been identified in this area. This list can be the starting point for adjusting the cookie settings.

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