Check and prepare tracking and reports

Then use Google Analytics to analyze your SEO results. The SEO with Google Analytics training helps you create custom reports. You will also start translating these statistics into concrete improvements for texts and technology of your website. Knowing more? From the big five to the marketing agency around the corner: there are a lot of agencies. How do they differ from each other?

What kind are you looking for?

And is there any difference at all between the agencies? Don’t they all do the same in the end? The range of agencies is large, that’s right. But they Vietnam Phone Number List certainly don’t all do the same thing. To keep an overview, we have put the different types in a graph. Chart with different types of agencies. On the vertical axis we plot the agency’s involvement in business processes.

They convert these insights

Does the agency feel responsible to make an impact on basic business results such as turnover, profit and the number of new customers? Or does the agency only feel responsible for marketing campaigns? On the horizontal axis you will find how hard the agency is committed to operations. There are agencies that focus on marketing strategies, without too much operational execution.

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