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The user of Linkedin for several years to develop my professional network in the first place, and despite my experience in Azerbaijan Phone Number List social media, I had never considered this network as being particularly viral. So I didn’t really see the point of sharing content as the engagement rate seemed to me Azerbaijan Phone Number List low and irrelevant. But for some time, I have seen a strange phenomenon arise. Particularly basic posts (one photo and one status) suddenly got thousands of likes and lots of comments.

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lk-phenomenon How? ‘Or’ What? Why? Does it only work for job searches? Is solidarity so developed on  Linkedin? Is the publication of content relevant? To answer my questions and after. An exchange with my boss. I decided to launch my own test. To understand the phenomenon. Virality on LinkedIn my experience. Finds the test subject to Azerbaijan Phone Number List avoid surfing the wave. Of hiring and to analyze if the phenomenon. Could work with another theme. I decided to use the pretext of a day off offered. By my boss if I got a thousand likes.

Azerbaijan Phone Number List

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I started making the support. Create the visual I had noticed that the various successful visuals were very simple and often made with Azerbaijan Phone Number List the means at hand. So I decided to put two sheets of paper together, write my text in marker (not too big to encourage people to click on the post) and take the picture with my computer’s webcam. Publish content Once the photo was Azerbaijan Phone Number List taken, all that remained was to publish it on my Linkedin profile. In order to maintain a form of honesty during this experience, I indicated to Internet users that this publication was intended to prove that Linkedin was viral. Thursday, November

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