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However, collaboration and connection are different themes . The feeling of connection arises especially when an employee is addressed on his or her personal role, not the job-related role. Connection can only arise if concrete time is made available for it and you are stimulated by getting started with rituals. Rituals that suit the organization are the means here, and connection – and therefore a close-knit culture – is the goal.

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Have you already set up two-way verification for LinkedIn? This setting can prevent identity theft and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Most ‘hacks’ take place from unknown devices. This tip, and Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists many more tips, can be found in the most popular articles of September. 1. New LinkedIn settings: what should you (still) pay attention to? LinkedIn is in full development. In addition to announcing a redesign (for the first time in 5 years), the platform is also rolling out new settings.

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And yes: these are definitely worth diving into. For example, you can control who can send you a message. Get rid of the sponsored messages in your inbox! LinkedIn settings header 2. Editing videos with your phone: the 6 best apps A pro tip from Pelpina: use multiple apps to make 1 video. This sounds cumbersome, but it will give you the best result. She herself uses 2 or 3 different apps per video.

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